Depending on the business goals, challenges and size of the organization, a project scope is typically determined during the initial consultation sessions.

For complex challenges and enterprise clients, we typically recommend an assessment phase at the beginning of the project.

This ensures that we identify and prioritize everything correctly and develop the best solution to meet your goals.

We take pride in our ability to learn the fundamentals of virtually any industry or technology quickly. Some of the markets we have served include green technologies, medical devices, biotechnology, Internet/e-commerce, telecommunications, distance education/e-learning, real estate, financial services, healthcare services, manufacturing, retail, food service, consumer products, media and entertainment, aerospace, artificial intelligence, enterprise software, insurance, energy, and networking. Having said that, we believe that the value we bring to the table is not industry expertise — which you already possess in abundance — but rather an understanding of what investors like to see in a potential opportunity.

We are a fixed price solution provider, who believes in providing ‘value’ to each of our clients and are committed to delivering results.


We provide our clients with a not-to-exceed cost estimate before beginning any work. No one likes surprises, so we work with our clients to understand their specific business needs and then outline our plan of action and the associated costs to implement those solutions.

Because of our broad offerings and extensive experience, Accurate Management has solved for countless organizational and career challenges. There are just too many to list here, but some of the most common are:

Organizational Challenges & Solutions

  • Organizational strategy definition, including new business development and launch.
  • Business process definition, mapping, documentation, improvement, and management
  • Enterprise and team workflow identification, development and prioritization.
  • Interim management and staffing assignments
  • Business reorganization
  • Business acquisition planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Large-scale business transformation and change management initiatives
  • Organizational assessments and gap analysis
  • Organizational layoffs and staff transitions
  • Technology assessments, requirements gathering, project management and implementations
  • Project organization, identification, prioritization, management, and execution
  • Internal communications and processes
  • Employee engagement and job satisfaction
  • Employee surveys
  • Employee retention
  • Employee and team roundtables and assessments
  • Customer satisfaction and feedback surveys
  • Organizational, team and project promotion campaigns

Team Leadership Challenges & Solutions

  • Identifying and assessing current leadership gaps, challenges and performance issues
  • Leadership and organizational perceptions issues
  • Team norms and operational procedures
  • Team performance challenges
  • Team dynamics and trust challenges
  • Team meeting facilitation
  • Team builders and organizing new teams
  • Coaching and leadership development
  • Evaluating, mapping and developing team performance goals, KPIs, and reviews
  • Interim leadership staffing assignments
  • Executive coaching and small-group leadership sessions
  • Project and team kick-off sessions
  • Team collaboration and cross-functional utilization
  • Team planning and transition programs
  • Career progression programs
  • High-potential leadership programs
  • Leadership rotational programs

Training Challenges & Solutions

  • Enterprise training programs
  • Training facilitation
  • Training outsourcing
  • Training and gap assessments
  • Trainer assessments and train-the-trainer programs, including leadership and influence training for trainers.
  • Training development, customization, and integration
  • Instructional design
  • Interim training staffing and assignments
  • New hire training program development, integration, and optimization
  • Training process development including connection and integration with organizational strategy and process
  • LMS system development and implementation
  • Online, virtual and e-learning solutions
  • Learning plans and training track development
  • Customer service and sales training programs
  • Frontline and call center training programs
  • Influence and soft skill training programs
  • Collections training programs

Career Challenges & Solutions

  • Personal branding and promotion
  • Networking solutions
  • Career coaching and counseling
  • Interview preparation
  • Resume development and review
  • LinkedIn and social profile development, review and optimization
  • Professional and career portfolio development
  • Developing digital presence and engagement for high-level organizational executives
  • Career planning and progression
  • Career transitions and job search
  • Changing careers
  • Career assessment, discovery and goal development

Digital Marketing Challenges & Solutions

  • Content creation and optimization
  • Social media strategy and optimization
  • Expanding market and customer reach
  • Increasing online engagement
  • Customer and new business acquisition
  • Search engine optimization
  • Digital strategy integration
  • Digital strategy development, execution, and outsourcing

This is just a sample of the challenges and solutions that we have solved for in the past.

Not seeing your business or career challenge on the list? Let us know as we’ve likely solved for it in the past or know who can help you.

Although we customize just about everything to your business needs and goals, the typical consulting project is started and organized in the following ways:

  • Initial consultation meeting(s) to determine your goals and current business challenges.
  • If we require deeper information before or during building a proposal, we’ll have you sign a mutual NDA (non-disclosure agreement).
  • We’ll develop a proposal that includes a SOW (statement and scope of work), pricing, timelines and any options or recommendations.
  • Once the scope of the project is agreed, we’ll establish you in our systems for effective collaboration. (if applicable). This will also include a regular communications plan and milestone reporting.
  • We’ll work our brilliance to make you and your business shine.
  • Towards the end of the project, we’ll finalize knowledge transfer so the results are sustainable. See: We don’t want to become dependent on a consulting firm. How does Accurate Management keep that from happening?

Although we’ll do an official closeout of the project, we’ll always be checking in to ensure that everything is working the way it should and you continue seeing the results you expect.

We want your Accurate Management experience to be one you’ll never forget in a good way.

Working with consultants shouldn’t be a hassle. We work with you and your teams to make sure the experience and process are great while working towards your goals and the operations of your dreams.

Your organizational strategy is critical for not only defining how your business will operate but also what kind of corporate environment you want to have.

More than just a credo, this vision becomes a tangible, measurable, and executable plan that’s aligned with meaningful key performance indicators.

Your vision and strategy become the definition for defining, aligning and evolving your business process, training, workforce and operations.

Accurate’s experience brings a wealth of perspective. We’ve been there and done it – a lot (dozens of businesses of all sizes across numerous industries). We can guide you towards what works and what risks to mitigate before they become obstacles.

This strategic planning process also involves making difficult decisions and planning for them.

Having an objective, outside resource is extremely beneficial to keep you on a realistic and successful track.

We’ll always tell you what you need to hear, as opposed to what we think you want to hear. That’s our promise.

Yes. We can develop, distribute, analyze, and provide comprehensive reporting for any type of employee survey.

We can do a single survey campaign or partner with you for ongoing employee surveys to build the quantity and quality of data to empower powerful, confident decisions.

Training should be an exciting and accurate interpretation of both organizational vision and business process.

It’s difficult  – and sometimes impossible – to realize the true potential of your leadership strategy and process without formalized training programs.

There are any number of reasons that make a training program ineffective. Some of the primary reasons we see training programs fail to perform include:

  1. Goals are not defined or are unrealistic for the training program
  2. Goals are not matched to the training delivery approach
  3. Disconnect in current business process or process documentation
  4. Lack of reinforcement or leadership involvement
  5. Lack of ongoing quality checks, links to key business and team performance indicators, or incorrect link to KPIs
  6. Trainers that are subject matter experts but haven’t been ‘trained to train’ or how to develop influence.

This is by no means an all-inclusive list. We can work with you to quickly identify your current training gaps and the core cause(s) of poor training program performance.

Regardless of the training approach, these items increase not only the chances of success but of the real value returned to the business:

  1. Leadership reinforcement/accountability.
  2. Evaluation of process support to ensure that process does not contradict or work against the goals.   Ideally, your business process is strategically aligned to not only support the goals but grow them over time.
  3. Accountability in reinforcement and goal attainment of participants after participation.

Ideally, these are connected in both operations and process adherence, performance measures, leadership coaching and relates back to specific operational needs that are BEING SOLVED by the investment in participant time and effort and the cost of the program


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