Policies and Procedures

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The development of a governance, guidelines and procedures that will facilitate the
development of required policies and supporting procedures to effectively manage the information system services.
We ensure that your company policies and procedures are legally compliant, effective for your organization, and properly reflect the business philosophy, practices, values and actions of your organization as well as ensure policies compliance to ISO standards.
Our goal to facilitate the development and implementation of the business processes and supporting procedures that enable our clients to meet cost effective requirements, as well as facilitating the development and implementation of work processes that promote productivity and cost effective work environment.
Accurate Management seeks to leverage and integrate cross functional capabilities and resources to achieve cost effective solutions for your business.

Here are some of the important reasons to have one:
1. Policies, practices and procedures of the organization can be communicated in a
professional and easy to read document.
2. Provides guidelines to guide both present & future decision making.
3. New employees immediately understand company policies and procedures.
4. The organization needs documented method of maintaining fair and consistent
treatments of employees.
5. Since employees sign for their handbook. It’s a great way to have receipt that the
employee was aware of the organizational policies in the event of a complaint of
6. Development of terms that can be used as a reference in the development and
implementation of a procedure.
7. A clear definition of provider and user responsibilities.