Employees Outsourcing

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Employees Outsourcing

With the expansion of your company comes the need for modification to your infrastructure. The greatest the number of employees, the greater the need for efficient and accurate management processes.

We believe in customized HR solutions to fit the specific needs of your business. Our flexible business experience and professional approach enable us to provide on-site support.

We manage conceptual Implementation of HR procedures and processes.

Accurate Management can provide support Employees Outsourcing services that best meet your business needs.

Our HR Outsourced Consultancy Services

  • Employment laws
  • Disciplinary and management
  • Performance Management
  • Creation of appraisal process
  • Execution of interviews process
  • Rewards Management
  • Contracts and policies procedures
  • Employee handbook
  • Implementations of HR policies
  • Organization structure
  • Recruitment procedure
  • HR processes documentation

Accurate Management holds a sizeable fleet of employees deputed under manpower outsourcing arrangements. Under these arrangements, our clients get a host of benefits, such as

  • Optimizing the burden on internal HR, enhancing its quality, and focus on permanent employees.
  • Passing on the compliance to complex requirements (Labor Laws & Tax authorities, etc.)
  • Ease of restructuring employment benefits and overcoming the head-count restrictions.
  • Not only our clients but employees are benefitted.
  • Reduction in overall cost to the business.
  • Efficient handling of the tax burden, optimizing the legal benefits.
  • Access to Accurate Management for the earliest resolution of queries & concerns on salary advice, taxes, fund balances, etc.