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Accurate Management provides Management System Consultancy and training  services throughout Asian countries. We offer specialized expertise and extensive practical experience in assisting clients in developing management systems from the initial concepts of need to the establishment and implementation of the management systems.

Management Excellent & Management System Consultancy Services support thousands of businesses with the development of their management systems approach and achieving various business techniques. With the help of Management Excellent, Our experienced consultants utilize their years of expertise in assisting you to achieve your goals.

Management System Consultancy Approach

Our experienced Management System Consultancy will:

  • Identify areas requiring improvement or development within your current Management System (Gap Analysis).
  • Prepare a strategic action plan, with your personnel, to address those improvement areas and assist with the communication of the requirements at all levels
  • Management System Consultancy Provide assistance and advice on the development and implementation of systems and strategies.
  • Advice and assist, if required, with the preparation and submission of applications to your certification body.
  • Assist with the development of internal monitoring and evaluation as well as training.
  • Build up required key performance indicators which help continuous measuring of your organization performance.


Accurate Management presents Corporate Governance as a complete set of services that assists companies during their institutionalization process. Every step of a corporate governance restructuring program and build a governance culture that is engraved within the firms’ daily operations.

Accurate Management’s corporate governance experts have provided enormous contributions to full-scale restricting programs with a special focus on the Asian countries.

Our team guides the regulations and practices of corporate governance set forth by international and regional regulators.

We assist our clients in complying with all corporate and legal requirements with the same purpose to achieve long term business strategy and organizational growth.

We offer our comprehensive services to our clients as follows.

Structuring Senior Management:

We evaluate the existing senior management structure of companies within the framework of Corporate Management Principles, identify job and working style of the senior management structure (Board of Directors, Early Risk Identification Committee, Monitoring Committee, etc.) in line with the corporate management principles, and document who has authority and their responsibilities.

Support Service for improvement of internal controls:

To enable standardization of the processes, we write procedures that incorporate all the fundamental controls concerning the internal processes of companies.

Organizational guidelines:

In the interest of an efficient and productive delegation of authority, we hold meetings with the Boards of directors, Senior Management, and the relevant process owners to identify existing privileges and authorities as well as regulations per each department. We also formulate “Organization guidelines” for our clients to understand the business techniques and processes.

We’ll help our clients to understand and improve processes in the short and long-term. We guide your business process owners and subject matter experts through business process engineering and re-engineering. The former is focuses on designing and structure new plans and processes, while focusing on improving existing processes.

Our consulting services will help you reduce costs and cycle times by focusing on the process modeling and its improvement.

Growing Faster Implementation:

To enable a more efficient implementation, we focus on business process re-engineering (BPR) before technology selection.

Our consulting services employ both top-down value chain mapping and bottom-up value stream mapping utilizing process optimization. Our wok aligns

  • Your strategic goals with your organizational capabilities
  • Your digital strategy with your business strategy

Customer Value:

Our Business process re-engineering initiatives and process management services enable the integration of people, processes, and technology. We focus to

  • Enable your organization to become a digital business and compete in today’s market
  • Depict the interaction between functions to understand the information
  • Identify value-added processes
  • Ensure successful and fast business optimization benefits
  • Enables the deployment of digital technologies
  • Enables excellent customer service


Business Process Re-Engineering

We help you improve your customer experience and ensure these improvements are practical and sustainable. We provide

  • A holistic analysis of your organization’s current state
  • Leadership and management support
  • Proactive identification of process ownership techniques for roles and responsibilities
  • Executive and end-user training
  • Organizational structure framework and cross-functional alignment of business process
  • Integrated implementation
  • Ongoing implementations, post-implementation, and benefits realization services

An organization at its best is a vibrant place full of energy, motivation, and innovation. A place that shapes its markets, products, and well-being regardless of possible economic crisis.

An empowered excellent organization attracts the best employees and fosters outstanding customer relationships.

To start up your business, and design an organizational excellence strategy that brings out the best of your capabilities.

Your Organizational Excellence is a matter of trust:

Aligning your business goals, strategies, processes, and identity is a powerful way to help your business grow effectively and sustainably.

All of our consultants who advised on organizational Excellence had a vast number of years of delivering values in senior leadership positions with leading multi-national organizations and across the full spectrum of international cultures.

We believe that an empowered organization, where the associate is responsible and accountable for results in a transparent environment, is an organization that is built to last and succeed.

We further believe in creating the most simplistic organization, to make the organization more agile, whereby it can react responsively to changing customer needs and new business trends.

We analyze the unique features, values, and success factors of your organization, and empower all stakeholders to translate the most authentic strategies into coherent action that will make your business grow.

Our Organizational Excellence Consulting Process:

We assess your true capabilities and authentic identity to align your business for success: appreciatively, systematically, and collaboratively. We offer

  • Analysis of strategic Planning
  • Organizational identity, value, and process scan
  • Capability Assessment
  • Strategy, solution, and organizational success story
  • Implementation and sustainably strategy

We support our clients from established companies, businesses, and start-ups with our strategy building services to help them make meaningful changes in their businesses among market competent companies.

Our team is working to support the client’s consultation, training, and strategic planning. In our work, we offer best practices, and experience to enhance the knowledge and business techniques for the clients. Our strategy services covers:

Strategical Planning management:

We work alongside our client teams to develop strategic business plans including performance diagnostics, assessment of market opportunities, competitor analysis, development of aspirational targets, and action planning.

We lead business plan development or facilitate strategic planning by consultancy and training to reach the best possible results for business success.

Market attractiveness assessment:

By providing market attractiveness assessment services, we help clients to evaluate new market entry opportunities locally and abroad and develop the best go-to-market strategy for existing and new products.

We provide full support for business entering by providing consultation and practical workshops.

Organization and corporate culture:

Organization and corporate culture are important factors that influence business success in the Market. To better support the business growth of our clients, our strategy services to provide better, faster services to business units at a lower cost, redesign of organizational structure to adapt to the new strategy and business need, efficiency improvement, and development management strategy.

Change Management

Change Management is needed when performance is decreasing due to crisis, technology breakthrough of the industry, increased competition, consumer preference changes, merges and acquisition, organizational restructuring, or many other reasons.

We are supporting our clients to derive change by identifying core problems, creating, and implementing the restructuring plan.

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how can we help you?

Contact us at the Accurate Management Consulting office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

In giving presentations, use the 10/20/30 rule….use only 10 slides, take 20 minutes maximum, and use at least 30-point fonts.

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guy kawasaki
American author